Get inspired by the Conflict-Prone Attitude, Determination, Visionary Approach, Leadership Skills and the Unique Personality of Manikrao Thakare !


A Dynamic leader with tremendous conviction patience and social concern Manikrao Thakare possesses an extraordinary team building ability. A vibrant aggressive orator who exhibits his conviction and integrated approach towards the philosophy of his party and at the same time demonstrates a critical analysis of the moves of the opposition.


A leader having a hold on every minute social and political aspect of his state has worked extensively on the grass root level. Born in a farmer’s family of Vidarbha he has great concern for the rural sector. At the same time he has a global vision for the urban class. He has been travelling world over and is determined to blend the culture and civilization to see a holistic development in his people.

Deputy Chairman

He is truly responsible and just leader who has a strong urge to uplift the quality of life and standard of living of his state by developing a team which is equally committed towards the goals.

President in Congress

We can see a futuristic visionary guiding force in him and only due to these qualities he has been proving himself and progressing step by step leaving an example on every position.

Minister of State

The party senior officials and all followers of his constructive policies believe in him and his state and our country is sure to see him on higher and higher positions to experience.




    What is the Congress? It is not some select band of People but an organised strength of the masses. It is not something apart from the people. It belongs to all of you…”


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